Maple Creek crater

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Maple Creek crater
Maple Creek crater is located in Canada
Maple Creek crater
Location of Maple Creek crater in Saskatchewan
Maple Creek crater is located in Saskatchewan
Maple Creek crater
Maple Creek crater (Saskatchewan)
Impact crater/structure
Diameter6 km (3.7 mi)
Age<75 Ma
Late Cretaceous or younger
LocationWilliston Basin
Coordinates49°48′N 109°6′W / 49.800°N 109.100°W / 49.800; -109.100Coordinates: 49°48′N 109°6′W / 49.800°N 109.100°W / 49.800; -109.100
Country Canada
ProvinceDivision No. 4, Saskatchewan

Maple Creek is a subterranean meteorite crater in Saskatchewan, Canada. It is 6 km (3.7 mi) in diameter and the age is estimated to be less than 75 million years (Late Cretaceous or younger). The crater is buried beneath younger sediments and cannot be seen at the surface.[1]


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