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An interest has been expressed in the Wikipedia community to use images from, particularly with regard to cover art from commercial music recordings (albums).

When approached about permission to use images from their site,'s official response was that such permission simply wasn't theirs to give. They say that the copyrights still belong to the holders of copyrights in the original works.

At this time, there is no official Wikipedia policy for or against using as a source of images such as album cover art. Note, however, that Wikipedia copyright policy is still in effect—uploaded images' descriptions should still contain proper attribution, a copyright notice if copyrighted, and a fair-use rationale if fair use is being claimed. (Simply make sure that the copyright is attributed to the true owner of copyright, in many cases the work's publisher, and not For specific guidelines on images and copyright, see Wikipedia:Copyrights#Image_guidelines.


If you want to be safe, you can tag images as coming from if you do copy them from there. This is not only a quick and easy way to show where you got the image, but it also points people to this page in case the question of propriety is raised by others in the future.

To tag an image as having come from, please include this tag in the description: {{amazonimages}}. It will look like this:

This image was downloaded from Please see Wikipedia:Images from as well as's Conditions of Use statement.

Verified as origin[edit]

The following images have been verified as coming from (with links to the points of origin there):

Other images[edit]

For other images see What links here for Template:Amazonimages here: Special:Whatlinkshere/Template:Amazonimages.