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Bydgoszcz District (Polish: Rejencja Bydgoska, German Regirugnsbezirk Bromberg) was the more northern of two administrative districts of the Grand Duchy of Poznań (1815-1918) (later also called the Province of Poznań (1849-1918)).

Administrative division (in 1897)[edit]

  • Bydgoszcz District (Rejencja Bydgoska), Bydgoszcz

(English county name, Polish county name, county town)
(please note that at this time Polish county names were written with capital letters)

The Greater Poland and Kuyavia divisions[edit]

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Coordinates: 53°07′00″N 18°00′00″E / 53.116667°N 18.000000°E / 53.116667; 18.000000