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Heroes Reborn[edit]

Gtrmp, It's true that the Heroes reborn nonsense didn't technically affect the normal Marvel Universe, but you must admit that after they resolved that mess, they changed a lot of things for the remaining characters. Just about every writer was doing his own thing. Many of them were young and didn't care about continuity laid down before they were born. It was mentioned twice (once in Tomb of Dracula #25(1974), King's 1st appearance and in Doctor Strange #62(1983) I think), that King had been a vampire for 5 years. That Journey into Mystery appearance totally contradicts this. I only excuse it because Marv Wolfman wrote that story. After all, he is known for having a poor memory concerning minor details about the characters he created. For example, he seems to think that just because he created Blade, he owns it. What he forgets is that he was working FOR Marvel at the time, so THEY own it. That's why his lawsuit against Marvel was laughed out of court. D-man.

I agree with your assessment of the period, but I took that part out because the retcon wasn't directly related to Heroes Reborn. After all, worse continuity errors were made before HR, and I believe that HR was actually over by the time this story saw print. -Sean Curtin 00:58, Dec 14, 2004 (UTC)

Image in infobox[edit]

That's really not the most common and general visual characterization of Blade, which the infobox parameter requires. The parameter also specifies a front-facing, full-body image where possible, free from clutter. It needs to be replaced. --Tenebrae (talk) 18:56, 20 March 2015 (UTC)[]

Progress of copy-edit, and other questions[edit]

I've gone in and changed to literary present in most cases in the first Biography section. The rest is still needed.

I need some questions answered and feedback regarding the following (especially 1, 2, and 4):

1. It's unclear if the first and second paragraphs of that section predate the actual comic timeline mentioned in the third paragraph? It's confusing, what does the five year period refer to and should it be moved to the beginning of the biography?

2. The "Montesi" formula appears as a name with no context. Is there an article to cross-link, or a brief description anyone who has read the comics can provide in parenthesis??

3. Is the use of "the" Daniel Ketch Ghost Rider correct? What about "the" Meatmarket?

3.5. It appears Ghost Rider ends up teaming up with the team despite being the target of the mission? Can anyone fill in why this reversal occurred so it can be noted briefly in the article?

4. The sentence about helping Blade after the depression bit-- can this be tied into the larger narrative or combined into a paragraph? It feels out of place by itself and out of context. Maybe reference chronology of the comics?

5. Blade's own father's plan seems... out of place. Is there a motivation? Did Blade have a vampire father or...?

We'll see if I can return and finish it off. Please correct any of the past tenses I left if you feel the need. I think I tried to leave it in when it was backstory relative to the literary present or otherwise not contained directly in the comments.

Flyingmoses (talk) 22:25, 20 April 2015 (UTC)[]